Jacksonville Regatta
Ricky Gerry out classes the fleet
by Tom Phillips RD

The regatta was hosted by the Jacksonville Model Yacht Club. Held on the lake behind the St Augustine Hotel and Suites near the World Golf Village, the weekend weather was almost perfect with steady West wind on Saturday and not so steady but pretty good NE winds on Sunday.

There were 24 skippers who sailed 4 up/down PR fleets set by the Class seeding list. A long two and a half lap course was set with wind from the west the course held with only a couple of adjustments for the first day. Ricky Gerry sailed the old Dumas to a firm lead in the regatta at the end of the first day, nine races, with one throw out, 14 points. 4 firsts, 2seconds, two 3rds.

By the final race on Sunday, Ricky had picked up his first win in St Augustine. In total he had 6 first place finishes and recovered from a trip to B fleet to take the final bullet in race 16. Bob Greer was next with solid sailing and a strong 1,2,2,2 finish in the last 4 races for a 59 point total. Joe Walter of the host club took 3rd with 62 points. The reigning Florida Champion and Champions Regatta winner Alan Perkins was relegated to 4th place with a 68 point total sailing another classic oldie, Hartman YRN 14 first registered in 1981.

Finishing 5th, out of the trophies just behind with 71 points was Dave Linville, Peachtree City Ga, Brewhouse Boatyard proprietor and new class approved manufacturer. (Shameless plug Dave, I like blue shirts?)

Support and management of the regatta was provided by the Jacksonville Model Yacht Club with special thanks to Trish Gray and Robbie Susan Chandler for the flawless scoring task. Joe Walter handled the registrations, trophy procurement as well as most of the regatta ‘stuff’. Tom Germer was ARD, John Bottensek handled the Starting line on Saturday and Jeff Witzel handled the rescue boat. Bill Wells assisted with mark placement and Starting line duties. Rhonda Ligon handled lunch set set up. In addition, our class sailing judge Ken Morrison provided the justice when required. A well behaved group did not give him much to do as the skippers were well behaved.

1 Ricky Gerry 30
2 Bob Greer 59
3 Joe Walter 62
4 Alan Perkins 68
5 Dave Linville 71
6 Chuck Millican 78
7 Scott Vernon 98
8 Martin Grey 119
9 Jack Ward 123
10 Jim Kaighin 127
11 George Balaschak 137
12 John Goldsworthy 156
13 Dick Reinke 158
14 John Santoro 167
15 Liz Perkins 180
16 Jim Donohue 223
17 Chuck Ellis 224.6
18 Brenda Pardee 230
19 Tom Linville 242
20 Jim Pardee 247
21 Dan Pearse 263
22 Dennis Headberg 267
23 Richard Spordone 292
24 Frank Ligon 304

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