Naples Region 3 Championship Regatta Report
Bottensek surges on Sunday to take the win
by Jack Wubbe, RD

Well, another beautiful weekend in paradise, aka Islandwalk in Naples, Florida.

The Naples Model Yacht Club #108 under clear blue skies and fair winds held the Region 3 EC-12 Championship Regatta. The regatta opened on Friday afternoon with boat and sail measurements and fun sailing for all.

Saturday arrived with clear skies, mild temps, and a light breeze. After 2 seeding races that split 26 sailors into 2 fleets, the Promotion/Regulation system of racing began. As the Saturday racing progressed, the wind increased to 15 mph, A-rigs were changed in favor of B and a few sailors were in their glory. By the end of the day Rick West was out in front followed by John Bottensek and Harry Strunk.

On Saturday night 45 sailors and friends enjoyed a fine dinner with a lot of salty tales being told.
Sunday morning the skies were clear with the wind down to 10 mph but steady. Almost all put on A-rigs and at 9:30 racing began. In the first Sunday race John Bottensek finished with a first and never looked back.

All protests were handled on the water via 360 turns. The top 5 skippers received plaques with an EC-12 half model and the top three also received Red chevrons.

I would like to thank my 11 person staff some of which were here all 3 days for a great job. It would not have happened without there help.

Region 3 Championship Results

1 John Bottensek 34  
2 Gerhard Kelter 44  
3 Harry Strunk 47  
4 Joe Walter 54  
5 Mike Zellanack 61  
6 Rick West 66*  
7 Don Wright 66  
8 Skip Allen 74  
9 Bob Greer 79.5  
10 Bob Dudinsky 93  
11 Dick Reinke 110  
12 Doug Bowe 110.5  
13 Dave Harrington 117  
14 Baron Bremer 133.3  
15 Ed Gelina 152*  
16 Earl Mills 152  
17 Gary Mueller 163  
18 Ole Listler 181  
19 Frankie Novak 199  
20 Bud Elder 214 Equipment failure, did not sail on Sunday
21 Joe Schoonoveer 219  
22 Scott Vernon 236 Did not sail on Sunday
23 Tom Lenhart 240  
24 Martin Raishbrook 253 Equipment failure, did not sail on Sunday
25 Winston Mathews 256 Equipment failure, did not sail on Sunday
26 Jim Carter 261 Did not sail on Sunday
      * Tie breaker