Orlando/Deland Regatta Report
Brenda Pardee wins her first heat!
Joe Walter and Tom Germer win their fleets

By Bill Gale, Sept 13-14, 2008

The Orlando's September Regatta was held on the 13th and 14th after Tropical Storm Faye forced a cancellation of the scheduled event of the week before. Using a new venue which provided a nice long windward/leeward course of about 100 yards, mother nature provided for fair wind in 100 degees. A total of 16 heats in both fleets were run, with 11 boats in the Gold Fleet and 9 boats in the Silver Fleet. Two throw-outs were allowed.

In the Gold Fleet, Joe Walter won by consistant sailing, while only winning one heat. John Bottensek took second place and he only had 2 heat wins. A tie occured for third place between Tony Rieck and Bob Greer. Bob Greer won because of his 5 heat wins.

In the Silver Fleet, Tom Germer with five heat wins was in command all the way even with two "did not starts" in the last two heats on Saturday. Tom Phillips sail consistantly and had 3 heat wins to take second place. Bud Cassidy with two heat wins was third. Seven of the nine skippers won one or more heats. Of note, Brenda Pardee won her first race being cheered on by the entire Gold Fleet. The final scores are shown below.

I wish to reconize and thank my crew consisting of: Don and Carol Forbecker, Tim Hopkins, Patty Boucher, and Kris Simons. They made this Regatta a sucess.

Gold-Fleet Results

1 Joe Walter 24 44  
2 John Bottensek 11 48  
3 Bob Greer 45 55 Tie breaker
4 Tony Rieck 82 55  
5 Baron Bremer 81 59  
6 Richard Hedderick 38 60  
7 Robert Dudinsky 95 87  
8 Bob Brown 111 88  
9 Bud Elder 13 106  
10 Jack Ward 04 109  
11 Dick Reinke 1936 113  

Silver-Fleet Results

1 Tom Germer 1862 31  
2 Tom Phillips 265 35  
3 Bud Cassidy 1821 46  
4 Carter Cain 3001 47  
5 John Rowley 22 52  
6 James Pardee 72 78  
7 Ken Morrison 95 92  
8 Mark Boucher 1500 93  
9 Brenda Pardee 12 102  

Click here to see a slide show of the regatta by Bob Greer.