Punta Gorda "Holiday Regatta" Report
Swept by a couple of Als

Saturday morning opened with chilly temperatures for southwest Florida, but soon rose to near 80. The wind was on the boarderline between A and B rigs and the 24 skippers had some big decisions to make. Several skippers bounced between the two rigs, but by late morning, it was clear that this was now a "B" rig day.

Fred Pfeil opened the day with a well sailed win. He was one of 9 skippers who would win at least one race in the course of the regatta. By the end of the third race, two skippers were starting to set the pace over the rest of the pack—Alan Perkins and Al Dion. They were tied with 11 points and Perkins already had one of his throwouts (a 6th) and no firsts. That soon changed with Alan getting 4 firsts for the day enroute to 7 bullets for the regatta. (Some people do share, Alan) The leaders traded positions for the next five races before Alan closed the day with 2 wins. Al Dion (2), Greer, Hedderick, Steacy, Kaighan, Cromie, Dudinsky and Ward rounded out the group with a first place finish.

Saturday evening found 22 of us including 12 skippers at Phil's 41, a fine local restaurant for a lively evening, at least a my table.

Sunday morning was a little warmer and windier. Guste topped 13 before the first race of the day and were routinely over 20 before the racing ended. At least one boat tried to play submarine and there were more than a handfull of wipeouts which resulted in at least one dismasting. One major tangle-up on Sunday, now know as "Hedderick's Headache", was resolved with 5 boats being granted redress in one race! I'll bet that's a new record. There were more than a few fouls, some caused by the high winds, but none made it to the protest table. A few argued their respective points somewhat vociferously, but calmer heads prevailed and the disputes were resolved with only a few bruised egos.

New comer Dave Boulanger had a tough time with only an "A" rig and had to sit out a couple of high wind races. Bud Cassidy came down with the flu Saturday morning and had to withdraw. He's back to good health now.

While the top two finishers were within 9 points of each other, they were almost 30 points ahead of the third place finisher, Doc Greer. The  top two winners were really "ON" which is more than can be said of Jon Luscomb who launched his boat at least once without turning it "ON".

On at least two ocassions skippers needed a "hold" for repairs and several other skippers immediately jumped in to help. It is this kind of camaraderie that makes this sport so special and rewarding.

A big "Thank You" to Art Hawes and his crew of Sun Coast Model Sailing Club volunteers. Also my thanks to those who came from such far away places as Tallahassee and Marsh Harbour, Bahamas. Trophies went 5 deep plus the Ancient Mariner award to Fred Pfeil. There were 8 seniors in the fleet.

Let's try for a 30 boat turn out for Naples to start 2012.


1 Alan Perkins 14 37  
2 Al Dion 74 46  
3 Bob Greer 152 74  
4 Jon Luscomb 45 82  
5 Dick Hedderick 38 90  
6 John Steacy 57 91  
7 Fred Pfeil 10 107 Ancient Mariner
8 Jim Kaighin 2052 112  
9 Jack Ward 01 114 tie breaker
10 Bill Cromie 86 114  
11 Bob Dudinsky 95 115  
12 Tony Burkhart 72 155  
13 Martin Gray 83 161  
14 Dick Reinke 36 175  
15 Jim Pardee 63 194  
16 Bud Elder 1313 205  
17 Gib Loesel 02 213 tie breaker
18 Brenda Pardee 12 213  
19 Dan Pearce 1613 232  
20 Laura Novak 17 256  
21 Frankie Novak 66 259  
22 Jack Wubbe 91 268  
23 Virginia Kendall 48 277  
24 David Boulanger 34 310 A-rig only