Information for Setting Up a Regatta

The dates are usually set at the Annual meeting of the Florida EC-12 Association.

The Florida EC-12 Regattas are set up via website by the local person who will be the contact for the regatta. They do not necessary have to be the Race Director. The process is simple and leads to the form to fill out to have the regatta posted on the AMYA site with the click-on online entry. The entry fee has been agreed on at $32 and $8 for guest lunches.

This is a fantastic setup that generates information in spread sheet format for the race organizers to utilize. NOTE: Skippers wanting to pay by check should use your paper registration form. Once you receive it, you can enter them using the online form and put in the Zip code of 99999 to bypass the PayPal payment requirement. Several days after submitting the regatta will be listed. Then you will receive an informative email from the AMYA helping you in the logistics of keeping track of who is coming etc.

Please use the NOR from your previous year modified for your this year’s regatta.
Please notice that the agreed upon Sailing instructions are found on this website.
If you need help please use the CONTACT US link on this website.


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