St. Petersburg Bob Dudinsky Memorial Regatta Report, Region 7 Championship
Alan Perkins tops a very competitive field
by Joe Walter and Calvin Obara

RD Calvin Obara was handed a real challenge with the wind direction. He could set up on the north shore and we could sail in the wind shadow of all the trees on that end. Or we could sail in good breeze from the west shore but have the windward marks straight out. Calvin chose wind and it was not easy to round that mark or the offset. I can tell you that every skipper missed it at least once. Some missed it a few more times and one gentleman is going to have the mark number changed from "Mark 4" to "Mark 97".

The weather was beautiful and the competition was very close. I don't think I heard a single voiced raised in anger and no protests went to committee. What I did see was some very good displays of sportsmanship from Dave Ramos, Alan Perkins, Jon Luscomb, Robert Greer just to name a few. I have to tell, as Class Secretary, this made me very proud and happy to be a part of. Keep that sportsmanship going folks.

This regatta was also dedicated to the memory of Robert Dudinsky. Bob's son, Derek, sailed Bobs number 95 boat. Bob was with us on the water as well. A tiny vial of his ashes was taped inside the boat. Bob would have been very proud of Derek's sailing too.

It was also very nice to meet our current National Champ's dad, Mike Feldman, who sailed Peter's NCR winning boat this weekend. It was his first time sailing a 12 in a regatta but you can really tell there is a lot of sailing skill in the Feldman family.

Sunday started out with the same wind as Saturday but after the first three races were sailed, the wind clocked around to the SE and Calvin gave us a very nice course that had us sailing closer to the shore with marks we could round without much trouble. It was a great way to end the regatta.

The group at St. Pete with Dee Dudinsky in the center. We miss you Bob.

RD Calvin Obara reported:
The 1st Annual Bob Dudinsky Memorial / 2019 EC 12 Region 7 Championships is in the books. 14 skippers from all over Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Maryland came to enjoy the comradery of EC 12 sailing in Pinellas Park, FL this weekend. Light and shifty breezes ruled the Saturday racing giving the race committee fits trying to provide a competitive course for all. Sunday morning proved no different until the last three races of the regatta when the breeze piped up and stayed fairly steady. Alan Perkins of the Villages took home the gold again. Dave Ramos from Maryland was a close 2nd with John Luscomb, Joe Walter and Chuck Millican claiming the final three trophies. To honor his father, Bob Dudinsky, Derek Dudinsky sailed his father's boat for his very first EC12 regatta to a very respectful 8th place. The remaining finishers were Bob "Doc" Greer, Mike Feldman, Brenda Pardee, Derek, Dennis Headberg, Liz Perkins, George Balaschak, David Pulling and Fran Ligon. Thanks again to all the skippers for making a protest committee unnecessary and to all my assistants that helped make this regatta possible.

Alan Perkins 1st, Dave Ramos 2nd, Joe Walter 3rd, Jon Luscomb 4th, Chuck Millican 5th.


1 Alan Perkins 14 36  
2 Dave Ramos 05 40  
3 Joe Walter 24 59  
4 Jon Luscomb 45 66  
5 Chuck Millican 31 72  
6 Robert Greer 89 82  
7 Mike Feldman 40 104  
8 Derek Dudinsky 95 127 Tie Breaker
9 Brenda Pardee 12 127  
10 Dennis Headberg 66 139  
11 Liz Perkins 217 157  
12 George Balaschak 2200 161  
13 David Pulling 77 173  
14 Frank Ligon 97 197