Jacksonville Model Yacht Club

The Jacksonville MYC currently sails the EC-12, IOM, DF95 and DF65 classes. We now sail at the lake behind the Holday Inn at the World Golf Village.

Regular sailing for the EC12 is on Sundays starting at 2 p.m. but many skippers start showing up around 1 p.m. You should email before coming out to make sure we are sailing as sometimes we are at a regatta.

We sail 9 points regattas between February and October in the EC12 Class.

IOM, DF95 and DF65 sail on Saturdays, but have different schedules. Please email Baron at baronbremer@gmail.com to find out when sailing is.

475 Commerce Lake Dr, St. Augustine, FL 32095

The lake is located behind the hotel. Park on the side of the lot so we don't take up parking for hotel guests.

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Joe Walter, Commodore
(904) 268-6540