Welcome to the Florida EC-12 Association. Thank you for visiting our site. Our association was created by EC-12 skippers from a number of clubs across Florida with the soul purpose to bring folks from all different backgrounds together for a common interest. What was started by a handful of skippers nearly a decade ago has grown into the largest group of EC-12 skippers in the country. The EC-12 is one of the most popular classes in America at nearly 60 inches long and carrying about 1300 square inches of sail area, the EC12 is an impressive sight on the water.

Each club in the association is made up of people just like you. Some are RC enthusiasts, some are big boat sailors and some just like to build model boats but in the end, we all come together to enjoy the sport of Model Sailing. Our mission is to create an environment that supports each memberís interests. We work collaboratively at the club level to improve each skippers understanding of boat construction, tuning, tactics and Racing Rules.

We offer a relaxed atmosphere at Club level for learning, practice and team building during weekly sailing. Once you feel your ready to test your metal, each club hosts a scheduled regatta that is part of our Florida Championship Series. These events can draw as many as 30 boats and are more than just friendly competition. They are a fun social event as well, featuring dinner parties where skippers and guests gather for good food and tall tales. Many of the regattas are near great tourist sites or offer plenty of interests close to the sailing site for family and friends to enjoy while we sail. Points earned at each of these events count toward a series total. The top 5 finishers of this series are invited to sail in the Champions Regatta held each year in March. And if that was not enough, each year the EC12 Class sponsors a National Championship Regatta. Locations for these move up and down the East Coast. There is no money to be won in this sport, but if you sail well, there is usually a nice piece of wood to take home and hang on your wall.

So come on out to one of our member clubs and see just how much fun model sailing can be. Simply click on the link on the left margin to get started. EC-12 skippers are the best folks around and they are always eager to hand you a radio and let you take a boat for a spin.

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