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2019 Annual Meeting

2017 Annual Meeting

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Summary Annual Meeting

EC-12 Skippers Comments on Three Fleet Management Systems

Odd-Even Comments
Florida 2-Fleet Comments
Promotion/Relegation Comments

Sporstmanship and Fair Play

Sportsmanship and the Rules Letter 2009 (PDF)

Florida EC-12 Annual Meeting 2019

St. Augustine, FL 5/17/22

All officers were re-elected for another year.

Our regatta sites and attendees have continued to dwindle. The “Heat is on Regatta” was an excellent idea and well received by all who attended; but, unfortunately, did not produce the results we were hoping for (encouraging reluctant sailors to enter our regattas). 

• At the Local Club Level:
o 3 skipper team sailing one boat-rotate skipper/coaches
o Starting line of excellence: winner(s) of previous heat start behind other boats
o Rule of the day discussions: new skippers don’t seem to know the rules; get frustrated when they are always called for fouls that they don’t understand; use dead-air time to review rules 

 • Host Club:
o More invites to stay with locals
o One day regattas?; regattas that start later on Saturday so attendees don’t have motels Friday night?; Host club sponsor AirB&B?
o Host Club enlist volunteer to take photos of attendees having a great time; post on web-site; send a few select photos (by email) to reluctant skippers? 

 • I-Flag back in place; “Dip starts” abolished. Saturday’s sailing resulted in several instances of severe collisions. A hole in someone’s pride & joy discourages even the most experienced sailor and certainly could permanently turn off a novice. Some skippers have no easy access to repair expert. 

 Observations on Behavior: 

 This Florida group can be proud to have participated in regattas that were fun and, at the same time, competitive. Laughter dominated. Penalties were generally accepted and resolved without fuss. 

 • Take it to the next level- if you know that you fouled, do your turn without waiting to be called 

 • RDs need to continue to “Nip it in the Bud” as soon as bad behavior starts to surface. A regatta should be fun and fair to all; not just for the ones who out-bully the rest or have clout in the class. 

o Nov 12, 13-- Villages--Gator Regatta
o Dec 3, 4 – St. Augustine—Holiday Regatta
o St. Pete needs January due to conflicts in city that drives up hotel prices; Villages will take March
o Feb 12, 13—Palm Beach Gardens—Valentine’s Regatta
o March – Villages
o April 23, 24 –St. Augustine 

 Officers were re-elected: 

 • George Balaschak-president
• Calvin Obara-vice
• Brenda Pardee-Secretary/Treasurer


Florida EC-12 Annual Meeting 2019

St. Augustine, FL 4/27/19

All officers were re-elected for another year.

George presented data regarding attendees at 2018 regattas compared to previous seasons. The average number of registered skippers down again for another year. Discussion from members included comments regarding new, up & coming classes i.e. DragonForce etc. that are “grabbing” everyone’s interest. Also several of our skippers sail several different classes and must balance their time across each boat. Other members commented that we must remember to be “ambassadors” at all times even in the heat of a regatta. That means you must watch your language and your manners. We have significantly improved in this area (behavior). Also, remember to support new sailors (offer to help trim, discuss race strategies/insights (between races not during). Monitor the EC12 “Chat room”. This is hard since now there is the additional FACEBOOK page to monitor as well. Members brought up how expensive it is to participate in the regattas (motel, gas, meals, spouses go off shopping). Perhaps we should consider having “one day” regattas. One upside to fewer attendees at regattas: Many this season were sailed as “one fleet” regattas which in turn results in more sailing.

A lot goes into planning a regatta, waiting to the last minute to register makes it even harder on the event planners. Please, if you know you want to race, register early. All venues MUST register their individual regatta with the AMYA through the AMYA website. This will prevent conflicting events and also is a good way to “get the news out.” Race Directors (RDs) should be aware of conditions that cause consistent problems for the entire fleet (mark too far from shore and directly in sun-glare causing most skippers to miss rounding it repetitively). RDs must ensure fairness, safety, and minimize frustration. Quality racing over quantity.

The fee for entering a regatta is now $35

There was a discussion regarding how to address non-members (a skipper that has not paid their due to the Florida EC12 association). This shall be tabled for the time being.

Florida EC12 membership dues shall now be due at the beginning of each racing season.


Florida EC-12 Annual Meeting 2017

Submitted by Brenda Pardee, Florida EC-12 Association Secretary/Treasurer
St. Augustine, FL 4/29/17

All officers were re-elected for another year.

George presented data regarding attendees at 2017 regattas compared to previous seasons. The average number of registered skippers down by two skippers. Bob Dudinski confirmed similar results for regattas “up North.” Discussion from members included comments regarding new, up & coming classes i.e. Dragonforce etc. that are “grabbing” everyone’s interest. Also several of our skippers sail several different classes and must balance their time across each boat. Other members commented that we must remember to be “ambassadors” at all times even in the heat of a regatta. That means you must watch your language and your manners. On club practice days, be ready to put your radio into the hands of any interested spectator. Do all you can to encourage new, (younger) sailors. Frank Ligon brought up how expensive it is to participate in the regattas (motel, gas, meals, spouse shopping). Comments included the cheaper hotel (Super-8) in Palm Beach is usually comfortable and in a good neighborhood. Local club members are also encourage to host out-of-town skippers whenever possible.

We have lost Naples as a regatta site due to low attendance for several years in a row. Also, even with great effort, the St. Pete regatta did not happen. Without a local club, we must face the fact that this venue is also gone. A lot goes into planning a regatta, waiting to the last minute to register makes it even harder on the event planners. Please, if you know you want to race, register early. Alan Perkins stated that The Villages regatta now has to be limited to 30 skippers. The Villages residents have implemented this restriction due to the number of parking places we were taking up.

New ponds are being looked at as possible venues. A pond in Sarasota described as a rowing pond and two ponds in Sebring were mentioned. Several members volunteered to be on a research & development committee. Frank Ligon is trying to build a club in Palm Coast.

The Villages and the Jacksonville (St. Augustine) venues will host two regattas per season.

All venues MUST register their individual regatta with the AMYA through the AMYA website. This will prevent conflicting events and also is a good way to “get the news out.”

Bob Greer suggested a traveling group of RD’s that could help a new club run especially their first regatta. Alan Perkins pointed out how that would reduce the number of racing skippers. Well established club request help from skippers who sail other classes.

Jon Luscomb questioned the particulars of the “5-minute” hold. Changing rigs does not qualify. Joe Walter stated that, as RD, he calls a break to change rigs in cases of extreme weather. An RD must be cognizant of the safety of the fleet. Today we had a skipper call for a 5-minute hold although, as it turned out, he was back in the water at 2 minutes. However, the fleet was held for the full 5 minutes because several other skippers used the “hold” to visit the Head. This is permissible and understandable.

Jon Luscomb then questioned the reason we have throw-outs. After much discussion, including data that seemed to confirm that throw-outs ultimately had little effect on the final outcome of a regatta, the throw-out throw-outs motion was defeated. Then a milder version 1 throw-out for every 8 races passed which will begin next season. There was some interest in Liz Perkins’ suggestion to have only one throw-out per regatta to ensure that RDs were not pressured into quantity not quality to ensure a certain number of throw-outs.

Bob Dudinski made a motion that was seconded by Jon L to make all the regattas count meaning you had to attend every regatta to stay “in contention.” Some skippers commented that the only reason they missed a regatta was due to severe sickness or a death in the family. The motion was defeated.

The meeting was finally adjourned due to extreme hunger ….If I missed anything blame it on Baron as I was trying to keep him informed on what was being discussed.


Florida EC-12 Annual Meeting 2016

Submitted by: Brenda Pardee

The Meeting was held April 23 2016 after the days sailing at the St. Augustine EC-12 Regatta.

The meeting was brought to order by Chairman George Balaschak.

The first order of business was the presentation of an award to past Chairman Dick Hedderick for his leadership of the FLEC-12 Association from 2012-2015.

Review of the 2015-2016 Season
While we had one less race than in previous seasons the average skipper attendance per race remained about the same as in past years at about 24.

A discussion about conflicts with local events which cause EC-12 skippers to not attend events on the Florida EC-12 Association schedule was held suggesting that possibly planning would allow more to attend our events.

Nominations for the next year’s officers were held and all current officers were re-elected unanimously:
Chairman, George Balaschak
Vice Chairman, Dan Pearce
Secretary Treasurer, Brenda Pardee

The next topic on the Agenda was “How do we stay in touch?” A problem exists in that the email addresses of the skippers who should be informed is somewhat dated. We have no methodology to keep it current such as a web site log-in. As a result, it is difficult to communicate efficiently with each other. Please refer to Florida Roster Needed: (See below)

Dues confusion caused by changes in racing season: Dues of $10 paid to Brenda Pardee (Class Secretary / Treasurer) due beginning each calendar year. Brenda will send email receipt. Be sure your contact information is up-to-date. Membership form is on website: “How to Join” tab. By-Laws specify must be paid in order to be eligible for trophy. Club decided to be lenient for 2015-16 year because of all the confusion. Treasurer should not be “dues enforcer” just “dues collector.”

Florida Roster Needed:
Members need to sometimes contact other members and would like entire roster of contact information. Contact information should not be shared unless an individual has given permission for global sharing (between other members). Dan will contact Jim R. (resource for on-line automated forms) re: adding check-box to say “yes” my contact info can be shared with all other members.

Regatta Schedule for next season:
Punta Gorda will swap dates with the Villages to accommodate a Soling 1M women’s Championship:
Punta Gorda Regatta: Nov 12-13 2016, Gator Regatta: Dec 3-4 2016
Naples on traditional date Jan 7-8 2017
Palm Beach Gardens back to the Valentines weekend Feb 11-12 to be Region 7 Championship
St Augustine (Hosted by Jacksonville members): April (may switch with St Petersburg which traditionally was held in March)

Missing March Regatta:
Members were in favor of getting back to a 6 regatta season. The St Pete regatta was not held this season as there is no active club in St Pete. Possibility of other venues including a pond in Sebring was discussed.

St. Pete Regatta Revival:
Started as discussion on how to increase attendance at individual regattas. One idea was, because of costs, members do not travel to regattas that are distant. St Pete is a central location. Lots of enthusiasm for bringing back St. Pete. Bob D. volunteered to RD. Bob Greer volunteered as assistant RD and to work with Bob to make it happen. Jim & Brenda P. volunteered rescue boat etc. Date for regatta may or may not be in March due to Grand Prix (car event). Stay tuned for further developments…

Regatta attendance:
Other ideas to increase attendance (in addition to above):

  • Each club have a “club boat” ready at pond for curious on-lookers to sail during club practice days.
  • Clubs have members who volunteer to be “hotel” for out of town skippers to help decrease costs
  • Continue to insist on “Fair and Just Sailing” (Corinthian Spirit)- Winning by cheating (knowing you broke a rule and did not do a turn) is shallow. Best sailors should be role models at all times to encourage less experienced sailors i.e. This is fun (and fair) for everyone!
  • RDs should not end a day of racing early because of a few unruly skippers. RD must go directly to individual offender (No matter who they are or where they are from) and administer disciplinary consequences such as: additional points, ending their individual racing day etc. Skippers are encouraged to help maintain order and if necessary protest a skipper for bad behavior.
  • It was noted that our Florida Association regattas this year were well behaved and friendly.
  • Encourage Friday Night Before Regatta Get-to-Know-You get-togethers

When do we quit sailing if it blows “like stink.”
The discussion pointed out that the class rules permit a small “C” rig for these occasions. Make all aware of that. RD is the final say regarding entire event. Each regatta is unique. RD is responsible for safety, fairness, etc. of all participants including his/her own staff. An RD can accept suggestions but when decision is made that decision should be respected (and not further debated). This includes calling a regatta because of wind, lightning etc. However, participants should be ready for sailing in conditions that call for a C-rig. If an individual skipper does not have a C-rig and cannot control their boat then they should retire from that day’s racing. The regatta should continue for those that have C-rigs and can safely sail (or don’t mind trashing their boat).

3 Rigs Definition (By Laws specify):
Only allowed a total of 3 rigs at any individual regatta: If you have a rig and, for example, and the jib breaks and you fix by changing out to a new jib, you now have used 2 rigs of your 3 that are allowed. The original rig has been modified.

Bow Bumpers Discussion:
Short Answer: Not mandated; Individual members gave examples of circumstances where bumpers either did not prevent damage or caused damage to their own boat (cut jib sheet)


Florida EC-12 Annual Meeting 2014

The 2014 Annual Meeting of the Florida EC-12 Association was held on April 26 2014 in St. Augustine Florida after the racing for the day was completed. The meeting was called to order at 1700 hrs. by Richard Hedderick, Florida EC-12 Association Chairman.

Dick informed the attendees that the regatta attendance was up 11%, 158 vs 142, compared to the last year’s season.

Dick talked about an email survey that he conducted regarding online registration for regattas. The response was overwhelmingly positive with 100% of the skippers indicating they liked the online process. Love it...Easy and Fast...Works well, were some of the comments. A discussion of the online registration process fees for regattas was held. As the cost for handling fees add $1.25 to the nominal $30.00 fee, a motion was made to raise the fee to $32. This was voted on and carried. All regattas will use the online process next year.

Dick presented some statistics on the top 3 RC boat classes in Region 7 (Florida).
Boat #skippers #boats Boat Value
EC-12 92 137 $200,000
Soling 237 334


Micro Magic 64 77 $25,000

The Soling has the greatest number of boats.
The EC-12 has the greatest value in boats.
The MM has the greatest growth rate.

A vote was held to name the officers for the club.
Chairman - Dick Hedderick (Re-elected)
Vice Chairman - Jon Luscomb (Re-elected)
Secretary - George Balaschak (Re-elected)
All approved unanimously.

A request to email a list of Skippers and their boat sail number was made. The secretary will do this.

The regatta schedule for the next season was presented noting that the Palm Beach Gardens regatta date was moved 1 week later than previously. The schedule will be sent out by the Chairman.

Martin Grey commented that the St Petersburg regatta was held on the same weekend as the Indycar race and hotels were expensive and possibly moving the date would alleviate the problem. A lively discussion followed with Bob Dudinsky pointing out that the motel near the regatta site had a rate of $89.

Fred Pfeil suggested that a change of sailing times for the St Petersburg regatta could eliminate one night’s stay, and costs, for traveling skippers. The suggestion was to sail noon to 1600 on Sat and 930 to 1330 on Sun. A motion followed, seconded and voted. The idea failed to be approved.

Dick discussed the results of Ken Morrison, a US Sailing Judge, logging infractions for the current race in St Augustine. There were many instances of open water Port-Starboard collisions. A lively discussion followed with many skippers acknowledging that they were a guilty Port-Tacker. Better communication on the race course and a bigger picture view of the action were suggested to prevent these problems.

The meeting adjourned about 1745.

Submitted by George Balaschak, secretary


Summary Annual Meeting -- April 2013

Florida EC-12 Association
Chairman's EC-12 Class Overview

There are 650 EC-12's registered in the US.
That represents about $1,000,000 in total boat value.
The largest value of any US class.

In a regatta with 30 boats, about $45,000 of boat value is on the water.
EC-12's are more than toy boats.

Supplier Recognition Award to Bob Dudinsky
Suppliers, particularly hull manufacturers are very important to the class.
Since 2005, Bob Dudinsky has been a primary supplier of hulls, fittings and complete boats. Bob has committed his life and business to the EC-12 class. His work is innovative and of the highest quality. Bob Dudinsky (RMD Marine) was honored with a supplier recognition award.

Regatta Attendance up for our 2012/2013 Season
Total Participation in all six regattas was 142 participants compared to 135 the prior season. (up 6%)
Total number of skippers participating was 63, compared to 53 the prior years. Some skippers are participating in fewer regattas, but this is being more than off set by new skippers and new members to the association. (up 11%)

Election of Officers
Chairman - Dick Hedderick (Re-elected)
Vice Chairman - Jon Luscomb (Re-elected)
Secretary - George Balaschak (New)

Vote was unanimous for these officers.

Florida Fleet Management System
Florida is very fortunate to have about 30 participants at each regatta. Since a maximum of 20 boats is allowed on the starting line, the fleet must be split. As a trial, Florida used the "Florida 2 Fleet" system, the Odd-Even system, and promotion/relegation (P/R) system, at various regattas in 2013. After each type of system was used skippers provided comments about what they liked and disliked about each fleet management system. These comments are summarized below in the section "EC-12 skippers comments about fleet management systems".

The Florida 2-Fleet system was the "official" system used in 2013. Two motions were made to change the "official" fleet management system. A motion was made to change to the Odd-Even system. The motion did not receive a second and therefore failed. A motion was made to change to the P/R system and use the National Seeding List (NSL) to seed skippers in A or B fleet. This motion was seconded and 100% of those present voted to take this motion to the membership for vote.

About a week after the meeting, the membership voted electronically. 85% were in favor of adopting P/R as the fleet system for the Florida EC-12 regattas. Promotion/Relegation will now be used at all Florida EC-12 regattas and the bylaws will be changed accordingly.

Scoring for the Florida Cup
This subject is not about scoring during a regatta. This subject is about how points are awarded for the Florida Cup. The Florida EC-12 Association has been using a "low point" system to award Florida Cup points after a regatta. There are drawbacks to this system. One is that having different sized regattas can skew the results. Also, non-competitors still get some points (last place plus one). Scoring is a complex and arguable subject.

The Chairman proposed that points be awarded for the Florida Cup using the National Seeding List (NSL) formula. The NSL formula has been found to be very successful in comparing results from different sized regattas. The winner gets 100 points. Last place gets 10 points. A mid fleet finish gets 55 points. Non participants get zero points. Listed below as an example are the points that would be awarded for a 21 boat and a 31 boat regatta.

Position 21 Boat Regatta 31 Boat Regatta
1 100 100
2 95.5 97
3 91 94
4 86.5 91
5 82 88
20 14.5 43
21 10 (last) 40
25   28
30   13
31   10 (last)

This is a complex subject. But at the recommendation of the Chairman, the members at the meeting voted 88% to use this system starting with the 2014 season. Should anyone have questions about this system, please contact the Chairman.

Prepared by

Richard Hedderick


EC-12 Skippers Comments on Three Fleet Management Systems

During 2013, Florida EC-12 skippers ran regattas with three different Fleet Management Systems: Florida 2-Fleet, odd-even, and Promotion Relegation (P/R). Here are their comments about each type of system:

Comments by EC-12 Skippers on the
Odd-Even Fleet Management System

These are comments by EC-12 skippers who sailed under the odd-even system at the December 2012 EC-12 Regatta. A few comments are also from EC-12 skippers who sailed under the odd-even system at the November 2012 Soling Nationals. Both Regattas were well hosted by the Sun Coast Model Yacht Club in Punta Gorda, Florida. To clarify, although these were two different classes, these comments are only from EC-12 skippers and most are from the EC-12 regatta.

Comments from those who Liked the Odd-Even System:
Regardless of skill level, everybody gets to sail with everybody.
No ranking or classification of competitors.
Every race is different with a different set of competitors. Interesting.
Less stressful than P/R.

Comments from those who disliked the Odd-Even System:
You may not sail against your nearest competitors.
Difficult to figure out where you stand during the racing.
Don't know who you are going to start with until 15 seconds before a race.
Confusing and complex.
High demand on race committee. Lots of verbal announcements.

The Numbers:
Of 25 EC-12 skippers commenting:
9 liked the system
16 did not like the system

Comments received and documented December 2012 by:

Dick Hedderick


Comments by EC-12 Skippers on the
Florida 2-Fleet System

These are comments of 18 EC-12 skippers who sailed under the Florida 2-Fleet system at the January 2013 Naples Regatta. Not all 27 skippers who participated in the regatta responded to the request for comment.

Comments by Skippers who Liked the System:
Liked staying in one group..No confusion with people changing fleets.
Gives me more time to rest between races.
Less hectic. Less physically demanding.
Gives less experienced skippers a chance for the lime light and a chance for a trophy.

Comments by Skippers who disliked the System:
Prefer P&R, but I voted for 2-Fleet so some of the less mobile skippers would sail.
Don't get the chance to sail against everybody. No fun.
Can't move up ratings with 2-Fleet. Can get stuck in Silver.
Might discourage Northern Skippers (who prefer P&R) from sailing with us.
OK, but some may not like to sail in Silver for an entire regatta.

The Numbers:
Of the 18 skippers commenting:
7 Liked the System
11 disliked the System

Note: In 2012 some skippers who prefer P&R voted to use 2-fleet for 2013 so that less mobile skippers would sail more. No prima donnas here...

Comments received and documented by:

Dick Hedderick January 2013


Comments by EC-12 Skippers on the
Promotion/Relegation (P/R) Fleet System

These are comments of EC-12 skippers who are members of the Florida EC-12 Association.

Comments by Skippers who Like the System:
The international standard for fleet management used by IOM's, etc. Endorsed by ISAF.
The standard of the National EC-12 class.
The most rigorous in determining the top to bottom finish for each race.
Everyone has the opportunity to earn the right to sail in each fleet at each regatta.
Skippers of similar ability sail together.

Comments by Skippers who Dislike the System:
More intense and physically demanding.
A skipper may end up "on the bubble" and sail several races in succession.
Can foster an "A" Fleet vs. "B" Fleet mentality that some skippers may resent.
Protests must be heard immediately after each race and may delay racing.

Comments received and documented by:

Dick Hedderick March 2013


Sportsmanship and Fair Play

This is a subject I have spoken and written about many times, yet it seems every year we have a few folks that just seem to get riled up on the race course. This, in turn, riles up more people or worse, drives them away from the Association. It is so very important that we sail within the rules and that we act like gentlemen on the water.

Yelling and screaming should not be the norm and it will not be tolerated anymore. Just because you were involved in a foul at one end of the course does not mean you have the right to be angry with every other skipper on the lake. When we sail within the rules, everyone wins. But when we forget, or worse, ignore the rules, we all lose. When tempers flare, everyone on the lake is effected by it.

The yelling also serves no purpose. It rarely changes the outcome of the situation and, in most cases, spurs more yelling and anger. When you are involved in a foul, all that is required is polite conversation on the matter followed by one party protesting and the other acknowledging the penalty or requesting it go to committee.

Even the best sailors will once in a while put their boat in a situation that results in being protested. Acknowledging the mistake and doing their penalty turn is usually the outcome and often that skipper will call out that they completed their turn.

This Association is about having fun with our friends. Winning races in friendly competition is just the added appeal. Charging through a fleet and aggressively yelling at all in your way is not part of what we do and it will not be accepted from anyone. If you have an issue with another skipper, you should bring that to my attention or to the attention of one of the advisory board members or the commodore of your club.

Skippers who create an atmosphere of uneasiness or anger will be taken aside and talked to by me or a member of the advisory board. They will be asked to control their actions and understand what it is they are doing. If their actions continue to be a drain on the morale of the rest of the skippers, then there can, unfortunately, be only one option left and that is to ask them to leave the Association.

Please remember that we are not competing for money or great rewards. This is a hobby to be shared with friends. Competition is good and a winning attitude is encouraged, but not when it is thrust in your face. Sail like gentlemen and we all win.

The Advisory Board Members

Dick Hedderick is Vice Chairman along with John Bottensek, Bill Gale, Robert Greer, Bob Dudinsky and Laura Novak are your current Advisory Board members. They communicate with the Chairman often and help with the decisions.



This page will be updated on a fairly regular basis, be sure to check back to it often so that you can stay up to date and well informed on everything that is happening in your Florida EC-12 Association.