How to Join the Florida EC-12 Association

All Florida EC-12 Association regattas are open to any registered owner of an EC-12 and who is a current member of the AMYA. However, you must be a paid member of the Association to compete in the Florida Championship. Your annual membership of $10 helps support the Association in a number of ways. It pays for the hosting of this Web site. It is used to pay the costs of running the Association. And from time to time it is used to support our clubs which host the regattas of the Florida Championship Series with items like pond insurance or city fees.

But more importantly, your annual membership shows us that you support the EC-12 Class in Florida. When you renew your membership each year it helps us maintain an accurate roster which means we can keep you up to date on everything the Association is doing around the State.

To download an Acrobat PDF file of the Membership Application, simply Click Here.

Important note to members: The Florida EC-12 Association is club #21 of the AMYA. Be sure you include club #21 on your AMYA renewal form as well as your local club when you renew your membership.

AMYA Membership

The Florida EC-12 Association does require all member to be current members of the American Model Yachting Association. If you are not already a member of the AMYA you can Click Here to go straight to their membership page.