Links to Great EC-12 Resources

This Web site is dedicated to providing comprehensive news and information on the EC-12 class as it relates specifically to Florida skippers. With so many great sites around the Web it would be a waste of time to try to recreate what is already available. So here are links to EC-12 sites where you will find news, building info, suppliers, and a short list of other clubs around the country that feature the EC-12.

EC-12 Class Related Sites:
This is the official site of the EC-12 class for all information, news, schedules, results, rules, etc. It is maintained on a very regular basis and is the main resource for all EC-12 skippers.
This is an excellent site if you are planning to build an EC-12. It takes you through the process in great detail and provides many pictures. It also is very well written.
This is the discussion site of the EC-12 class. One of the benefits of the group is its willingness to share information and help to others. Got a question on how something is done? Looking for a particular item? Take a moment to look around, you might find the answer here.
This the EC-12 Class site on the AMYA site.
Of course the AMYA site itself is a very important resource for all model yacht skippers.



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Other Clubs Around the Country:

Piedmont MYC
Charleston MYC
Delta MYC
Gig Harbor MYC
Seattle MYC